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New Year New You #MidlifeBarbie

: December 18, 2018

As the year ends and 2019 approaches, one can’t help but contemplate changes and resolutions. I am a big believer in improving those things that are not up to par in one’s life. Whether its your eating habits, your exercise habits, career, relationships or even your old saggy ass face- A little tweak can give you a big head start on a great year. I had been feeling a little old and tired lately. It happened almost overnight.

Yes, I have good genes. But I have taken that for granted most of my life. I am not diligent about a lot of things like skincare or removing all my makeup before I pass out after a long day, seeing your face on a giant screen in HD everyday doesn’t help. I had been following Dr. Rian Maercks for some time and was amazed at what he was doing. He had been featured on The Daily Flash in the past so I knew about his training and background in art. I especially liked that like me, he is not a fan of Botox. I watched for several months until I broke down and made an appointment.

My experience was really amazing. No pain, and very little downtime. Several friends have gone to Dr Maercks as well and have also had great results. His bedside manner, incredible confidence wielding those needles (not as scary as it looks) and his accommodating knowledgeable staff make the experience especially comfortable. Today I feel that I look younger and refreshed. It is a huge head start to making 2019 my best year yet.

Now its time to hit the gym and get my fat ass in shape. Stay tuned for more… #Midlifebarbie