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Kit includes:

  •  ZipEaze with attachments
  • StarGlide zipper wax
  • Drawstring travel pouch
  • Multi-tone rings for even easier zipping (use optional)


Product Description

Have you ever had to sleep with your little black dress on? Have you ever had an Uber driver zip up your Kardashian inspired body-con number? With “ZipEaze” you can celebrate your “zipper-pendence”! It’s designed or all shapes and sizes of zippers and humans. Just clip, zip, and go!

ZipEaze is a patent pending apparatus with different attachments that allows you to zip yourself up (or down) with ease. The variety of attachments from clips to hooks ensures that any garment with a back zipper (tops, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, pants) can be zipped easily without the help of another person. 

Our kit includes a fun travel pouch, our unique StarGlide zipper wax for those times when your zipper just won’t budge, and multi-tone rings to make zipping and unzipping even easier (optional use).

Whether you live alone, enjoy that “ta-da” moment after getting ready, or just want your zipper-pendence, Zipeaze is the solution!

Watch it in action here!


 1. Clip

2. Zip

3. Go!

To un-stick a zipper that won’t budge, brush along its teeth with our StarGlide zipper wax for smooth zipping.

For even easier zipping, hook one of your multi-tone rings to the base or tip of your zipper and pull it with your Zipeaze like you would a keychain.