Black and White Fondue

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Black and White Fondue
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Equipment: IMUSA Mini Pot and IMUSA Chopticks

½ c. heavy cream
2 T. Grand Marnier (optional)
6 oz. white chocolate chips (suggestion: Ghirardelli)
2 oz. semisweet chocolate chips

For dipping:

Banana slices
Halved marshmallows rolled in chopped nuts
Poundcake cubed
Brownies cubed
Pineapple chunks

In an IMUSA mini pot over medium heat, bring ½ cup (less 2 T) of heavy cream and Grand Marnier to a boil. Turn heat off and immediately place the white chocolate chips in the pot (make sure most of the chocolate is submerged) and cover.  Wait 3 minutes and whisk or stir the mixture until very smooth. In a small microwave proof bowl, heat the remaining 2 T. of cream until scalding. Add the 2 oz of semisweet chocolate and allow it to sit for 3 minutes.  Whisk or stir mixture until very smooth.
Put the mini pot back on the stove and heat over very low heat stirring constantly until desired temperature for eating is reached (watch it carefully as chocolate burns very quickly). Remove from heat. With a teaspoon place 3 dollops of the semisweet chocolate into the pot in a triangular pattern using all of the chocolate.  With a knife swirl the chocolate mixtures together to attain a marbled effect.  Do not over stir as this will just combine the chocolates. Serve warm with diced fruit, brownies, and poundcake.

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