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Million Dollar Marinade
Move over, mojo! Million Dollar Marinade is here. Unlike ordinary mojo, our marinade is an explosion of flavors for all your meat and seafood dishes in one easy step. Even tofu can taste like a million bucks with our marinade! As a bonus, reducing it makes a wonderful dipping sauce. This product is truly “Cooking for Dummies” in a bottle.



Our marinade makes everything taste like a million bucks!  Use it on beef, chicken, pork, seafood, anything!  Marinating Times:

Beef, Veal, Pork 1-4 Hours
Chicken, Turkey 3 Hours-Overnight
Seafood 20 Minutes-1 Hour

Marinade can also be reduced by simmering to make a great sauce!



Sabor Passion Ana Quincoces Rodriguez

¡Sabor! offers a mouthwatering look at the food and flavors that make Cuba’s culinary heritage famous. The author’s unique wit and feisty voice weave the lively and spirited traditions of her family with classic recipes from the island of Cuba. Recipes are easy to read and follow, and are illustrated throughout with full-color photos. ¡Sabor! provides an intimate look at a culture that embraces food with the same enthusiasm it has for life—spicy, hot, and delectable, beginning with the “holy trinity” of Cuban cuisine (garlic, bell pepper, and Spanish onion) and moving on to a variety of delicious and authentic recipes.

Cuban Chicks Can Cook

Traditionally Cuban women believed that cooking was one of the most important gifts they could give to their families. In Cuban Chicks Can Cook, the Indispensable Guide to Basic Cuban Favorites, author Ana Quincoces Rodriguez will convince you that they had the right idea. Her book will entertain and amuse you with a diverse collection of easy-to-follow Cuban recipes and sample menus.

Quincoces Rodriguez begins with the basics by instructing you to buy three items that are the “holy trinity” of Cuban cuisine — a head of garlic, a green bell pepper, and a Spanish onion. Armed with these ingredients and a few other items, you’re ready to begin preparing and feasting on her delicious and authentic recipes! Quincoces Rodriguez shares her Cuban culture through personal stories interspersed throughout sections that include soups and stews, rice and meat dishes, and finger foods and desserts. Finally, you will learn how to make both the wildly popular mojito, a rum drink garnished with fresh mint, and café con leche, a coffee drink that most Cubans can’t live without every morning.

Cuban Chicks Can Cook doesn’t emphasize perfection, but instead provides an inside look at a culture that embraces food with the same enthusiasm it has for life — spicy, hot, and delectable!

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