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Ana Sets Her Sights on Victory

The Food Network : July 7, 2016

In this seventh week of Food Network Star, the competition among the finalists is more intense and the rivalries more poignant than ever. Sunday night’s elimination was the first decidedly emotional exit this season — and for more than just the ousted hopeful. In a shocking announcement, Joy was sent home following a fried-chicken flop and a lackluster onstage performance during the tiki party challenge, whereas Ana, her challenge teammate, was spared yet again. While the rest of Ana’s remaining rivals were surprised to learn she’d been deemed safe, Ana was simply “grateful,” as she said through tears afterward. But she was also keenly aware of the way others were looking at her and her place in the competition, and she was quick to use that to her advantage. “The other finalists, they’re shooting daggers at me,” she noted. “The reason that they’re upset — it’s finally dawned on them. I’m real competition. I’m a real threat to them.”

Click the play button on the video above to watch as the remaining hopefuls react to Ana’s rescue, and see how Ana sets her sights on victory with only three weeks left in the contest.

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