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Goodbye 2018

: January 3, 2019
Its 5:32 am on December 30th. This is my favorite time of day. A time where quiet contemplation seems less like a luxury and more like a requirement. I’m not infringing on anyone else’s time. Even Harry decided to stay in bed this morning. As I brewed my coffee (strong with a touch of cream and a sprinkling of cardamon), I began to reflect upon 2018. Certainly not the best year I’ve had, but also not the worst. It has been a year of loss. The passing of two amazing and strong women friends and the realization that life is so very fragile. It has been a year of lessons, some painful ones. People with agendas pretending to be friends. The realization that loyalty and hard work don’t always pay off immediately and that love doesn’t necessairily conquer all. It has been a year of chaos, buying a new home only to discover that I had to move out shortly thereafter and endure a years worth of plumbing issues and unplanned, unappropriated for, renovations. But it has also been a year of hope and promise for the future. My brand Skinny Latina continues to grow. My value as a “no bullshit influencer” in a world of disingenuous people living pretend lifestyles has resonated with brands and I can now grow without selling out. The realization that the past is best left in the past, and that it is impossible to embrace tomorrow while holding on to yesterday. The solid belief that opportunities are everywhere. There are those who get lucky and those for whom life seems to be one dead end after another. The reality is that neither is true for very long. What we work towards, focus on, and envision- we will receive in due time. The key is to not give up, to be resilient, to focus more on the process than the outcome. To be adventurous, to take a chance. To know that I am not always right but that I am also not always wrong. To take off the rose colored glasses when it comes to friends, family, and situations but also to embrace them with compassion and a commitment to (like the old indian prayer in my childhood kitchen read): “..not criticize my neighbor until I have walked 100 miles in his moccasins”. May 2019 be a year filled with more lessons and adventure, less sadness and loss, and an abundance of self acceptance and love.  #MidlifeBarbie