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#MidlifeBarbie On A Mission

Ch. 1: Micro Channeling with Halima : March 22, 2019



As many of you know I do a lot in a day. Just being camera ready every morning at 6:30 am for TV and running (and growing) Skinny Latina with all its moving parts is a pretty full schedule. Add to that endorsement deals, working with brands on different campaigns, a new cookbook, creating social media content, speaking engagements, judging food competitions, a new puppy, and home renovations- Its no wonder my sleep cycle is so screwed up.

Besides the sleep deprivation and my irregular (at best) exercise routine, we have my questionable eating habits (string cheese and nuts for dinner anyone?) and non existent self care. Then there is the guilt and frustration that comes from trying to maintain some semblance of a personal life and trying to carve out time to visit my daughters on both coasts. And don’t even get me started on just basic girl maintenance- I have been known to do my own nails at 1 am for a 5 am call time at Telemundo. Well… that all stops now.

I know its almost April. And I know I promised myself I would change my negligent ways in 2019, but its taken me this long to hit a wall. To realize that somethings gotta give. And that while I was blessed with some pretty decent genes, I am not as young as I used to be and I am not as fit either. So I am embarking on a mission, a crusade if you will. A quest to become the best version of me I can be, inside and out. And thats gonna entail some experimentation with different treatments, some more invasive than others. I have no plans to go under the knife (yet) but rest assured that when things start hanging and sagging, I will be the first one at the plastic surgeons office and I will not apologize for it.

Look, I know I’ve worked hard and continue to do so. I realize that I’ve accomplished some shit. Like significant shit- and I am proud of myself for doing it. But have I reached my potential? Am I working at 100%? No, not by a long shot. Whats missing, I discovered, is me taking care of me. Taking care of myself physically from the inside out with nutrition and exercise to managing stress in a more positive way. Taking care of the exterior package with, you know, a little “girl maintenance”. Things as baseline as regular mani pedis or the occasional massage or facial have been nonexistent in my jam packed schedule. So the things I should actually be doing to look camera ready and good- have completely fallen by the wayside. AND that is NOT ok. It is clearly not ok when you rely (to some extent) on your appearance for your livelihood but I will venture to say that it is not ok for any woman. Because we all have a desire and a right to look and feel great. Am I right? Yes, I believe I am.

So I decided to document my quest to find the best beauty treatments, makeup, skin care, workouts, stress relieivers, nutrition, fitness, relationships, and even online dating apps out there. This is how #midlifebarbie came to be. Its purpose is to share my journey with all of you in a no holds barred, sometimes funny, sometimes raw compilation of blogs, videos, pictures and yes, even a podcast. I am excited and nervous because for the very first time I’m gonna really truly let you peek behind the proverbial “little curtain” and really see me. I will share experiences, some good, some not so good that will hopefully help you embark on your own journey. Mostly it will be honest and fun and sometimes irreverent. Just like me. #midlifebarbie

So here I leave you with my first foray into the world of #midlifebarbie maintenance with something called Micro Chanelling with the best esthetician in town… Halima. Listen to her explain how it works and what it does..

I will warn you the video is a little graphic. I will also disclose that you can do this treatment with a much smaller needle. I decided to use the largest deepest needle and It was completely tolerable. Much less painful than it looks and I can already see a huge improvement in my skin.

Feel free to comment with any questions. #Midlifebarbie