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Skinny Latina Marinade and BBQ

Skinny Latina Marinade + Guava Fig BBQ


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Product Description

Our Skinny Latina “Million Dollar Marinade” is an all-purpose marinade, cooking sauce, and flavor enhancer. Use Million Dollar Marinade to roast, braise, saute, grill, and slow cook whatever your heart desires. Use it on meats, fish, and poultry as well as vegetables and tofu. Turn Million Dollar Marinade into a delicious dipping sauce by reducing on the pan!

A new take on BBQ! This unique combination of big bold flavors has a little sweetness and a little tanginess for that unique Skinny Latina kick! Use our Guava Fig BBQ Sauce to baste your grilled foods, as a delicious dipping sauce, or combine with our flagship product Skinny Latina Million Dollar Marinade to make a delicious marinade and sauce for roasting, slow cooking, and grilling. Our BBQ sauces are spectacular on chicken, shrimp, pork, salmon, veggies, you name it!